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1. Birch: scientific name: Betula platyphylla Suk. It is belong to deciduous tree or shrub. Its color is hazel or bronzing, Shiny surface and slippy mechanism. Yellow and white with a little brown, and the growth ring is clear. Wooden body pure fine with a little hard, the structure is slender, strong biomechanical, high resilience. Generally refers to about 100 kinds of arbor and shrub. Ornamental characteristic and landscape: exuberant foliage, graceful, especially the trunk is straight, white and elegant, eye attracting. Because of its wood density, it is used in the production of wooden ware widely.

White birch is Russian national tree. It is the symbol of the country's national spirit.

2. MOSO bamboo is generic terms of Bambusoideae, Latin name is Phyllostachys heterocycla cv pubescens. It is a very ideal environmental protection material because of growing fast, and large quantity. They are often put in the garden winding path, poolside, mountain stream, hillside, courtyard, indoor material and so on since ancient time. “would rather eat no meat; Cannot live without MOSO bamboo.” It is also called Phyllostachys. It is very closely related to people’s daily life. It has very important function in people's food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and in all aspects, it has timber, edible, medicinal, watch, forage, environmental protection, etc. It is a shinning pearl in the pollution-free green treasure house, is the ideal species to build green bank. MOSO bamboo poles are tall and straight, the texture is strong and hardwearing, dividing high, small shrinkage, elasticity and rigidity is good, high hardness, long fiber, smooth and bright. Bamboo is widely used in all project field and daily life. It is elegant and fashionable choosing.
3. Bixa orellana belongs to mesquite dalbergia in tropics. Latin name is Dalbergia sp. It is familiar rare hardwood. The difference between the core and edging is obvious. The edging is narrow, Grey white. The core is light yellow, light red to red. It will be purple red when expose to the air for a long time. Wood figure is pretty. It is hard wood and can last long. It is the material of precious furniture and arts and crafts.
The main features:
1)the color is darker, reflects the antique style more.
2)woodiness is heavier, let’s feel the quality is good.
3)the wood itself can give off aroma.
4)hard texture, high strength, wear resistant and good durability.
4. Ebony belongs to Ebenaceae, Latin name is Diospyros ebenum Koenig. It is also called Carbide wood. The core is black or chestnut brown with light color stripe among them. Big wood drying shrinkage, the wood is very heavy, air-dry density is 1.09g/cm3, can be able be bear decay, dry hard, easily crack.
Black brown, black red, tawny, the woodiness is hard, fine-grained. Ebony bathroom furniture Pitch-black shine, simple and unsophisticated and deep, can’t bug easily or mould, rot. It is very rarity, has the very high value of collection.
5 Acacia mangium, also called Acacia auriculiformis, Latin name is Acacia Mangium, air dry density is 1.01g/cm3, the grain shows undulate, fine structure, elegant color, strong weather ability, can’t be out of shape easily under the condition of temperature is very different. Uniform structure, small dry shrink, Good strength and impact toughness, strong corrosion resistance,
Features: the edging is light tawny or tawny, is very different from the core. The core is black brown and normally with dying black or crineous stripe s. Width is 1-2 cm 4—6 growth ring), the wood is shining, No characteristic odour or taste.
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